Trick or Treat


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Trick or Treat

Changes to Come

Raven and Drake is changing and moving in a new direction.

Going forward we will be focusing on children and YA content, but do not worry, our current adult intended open calls will still be going ahead, only they are moving to Black Ink Fiction. And we will be helping Black Ink Fiction with these as they move to help cause as little upset as possible. 

Exciting times are ahead, and we look forward to bringing you some great younger content.


All open calls have been updated.  

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Everybody loves a good tale of old. From the fairytales of Grimm to Greek and Norse mythology. And even the more obscure local legends from all around the world. 

In New Tales of Old an abundance of writers take some of their favourite tales of old and put their own unique twist on them. Throughout these pages you will find a Snow White working as a stripper, an ugly duckling who tasted the rainbow, a Cinderella who had a nervous breakdown and many more. 

So join us on a trip down the rabbit hole, on an adventure past the second star to the right and past that troll bridge - the one with the monster living underneath. 

NOW Available to pre-order

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Help us to support indie authors!

There are many ways in which you can help us to support indie authors. Check out the list below and see where you can help. 


Head over to 'buy me a coffee' where you can donate a small portion of funds or even grab yourself a membership. Memberships enable you to get yourselves FREE digital copies of our anthologies!! 
All money earned through 'buy me a coffee' will go towards us offering paid calls. 




We have a range of merchandise available to purchase over at Redbubble with new designs to be added very soon. 

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