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The Monster Club is a new children's adventure series coming soon from author Gemma Paul, creator of the Kreepy Kids Series. 

Mollie Tanner and her friends Harley, Lana, Ivy and Samuel are the members of their town's Monster Club. Monsters are drawn to their town of Ravenwood, and with the help of their class teacher Miss Faye who also happens to be a good witch, they work together to rid the town of the monsters that come to cause chaos. 

Are you ready to join Mollie and her friends on their monster hunting adventures? 

In 'The Vampire Substitute' Mollie and her friends panic when their teacher Miss Faye goes missing and is replaced by a vampire who goes by the name Mr Drakola. Who is this vampire and what did he do with their teacher?   

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Fool me once, shame on you. 

Fool me twice, shame on you. 

- Virginia Foxx

Everybody loves a good prank. There's even a day dedicated to fooling friends and loves ones. But what happens when a seemingly innocent prank goes wrong? And what about those that aren't quite so innocent?

In April Horrors an abundance of writers explore the terrifying side of pulling pranks as we delve into their twisted minds and discover the pranks they really want to concoct come April 1st!

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