Kids Calls

We are currently OPEN for general submissions. 

Our OPEN anthology calls are listed below.
Please note any submissions accepted before or after the varying Submission dates will be deleted.

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Title: Squirrels, Sleuths and Spies

Opens: 17th November 2021

Closes: 28th February 2022

Genre: Animal sleuth fun!

Reader Age Range: 6+

Word Count: 1000 - 3500 10% wiggle room over.

Info: I will be looking for animal sleuth stories. Think squirrel secret agents, a bloodhound Sherlock Holmes, a Jessica 'Rabbit' Fletcher. In other words take an animal and give it a crime to solve.

This is for younger kids so make it fun and friendly.

Reprints: Allowed 

Simultaneous Submissions: Allowed, but please email if accepted elsewhere.

Multiple Submissions: Up to 2 accepted per author

Author Compensation: Digital copies