New Tales of Old

Volume One


Every fairy tale had a bloody lining.

Every one had teeth and claws. 

- Alice Hoffman

Everybody loves a good tale of old. From the fairytales of Grimm to Greek and Norse mythology. And even the more obscure local legends from all around the world. 

In New Tales of Old an abundance of writers take some of their favourite tales of old and put their own unique twist on them. Throughout these pages you will find a Snow White working as a stripper, an ugly duckling who tasted the rainbow, a Cinderella who had a nervous breakdown and many more. 

So join us on a trip down the rabbit hole, on an adventure past the second star to the right and past that troll bridge - the one with the monster living underneath. 

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Alannah K. Pearson
Andrew Kurtz

Anne Wilson

Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump

Brian Gudmundsen

C. Marry Hultman

Callum Pearce

Charlotte Langtree

Chisto Healy

Chris Hewitt

Clare Rhoden

David Green

Deborah Dubas Groom

Declan Liam McKendrick

Diana Lee Woody

DJ Elton

Donovan 'Monster' Smith

Dorian J. Sinnott

E.L. Giles

Emilian Wojnowski

Eva Leppard

Evan Baughfman

J.L. Royce

J.S. Nel

Jasiah Witkofsky

Jeff Clulow

Jennifer Hatfield

Jennifer Kirwan

Jodie Francis

Joel R. Hunt

Jonathan Watts

Joshua D. Taylor

K.B. Elijah

K.J. Watson

Kate Campbell

Keith R. Burdon 

Kimberly Rei

Luis Torres

Marlin Bressi

McKenzie Richardson

Meera Dandekar

Mendel Mire

N.M. Brown

Nicholas Wilkinson

Patrick Winters

Paul J. Scribbans

Philip Rogers

Rachel C. Pendragon

Reyna Young

S. Jade Path

S.O. Green

Scarlett Lake

Simon J. Plant

Sophie Wagner

Stephen Herczeg

V.H. Stone

Vonnie Winslow Crist

Warren Benedetto

Wondra Vanian

Ximena Escobar
Zachary Hennis

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